Terms & Condition

    • Working Hours : 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. (12 Hours)
    • If any damaged / accident happens during the dismantling / transporting the material All India Furniture is fully responsible for the same and do the required rectification.
    • All India Furniture will clean the site and remove all debris from the site and dispose the same as per the owner's instruction.
    • All India Furniture will carry all repairs and maintenance job.
    • All India Furniture will comply all statutory requirements required for dismantling and transporting the debris.
    • All India Furniture will ensure for all the safety measures and precautions required at site.
    • Before taking out the material All India Furniture will inform the concerned officials well in advance.
    • All India Furniture will not remove / dismantle / take out any material which is not under his scope of work.
    • The above-mentioned are true to the best of our knowledge. Hope you will be satisfied with our job.

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